In this post I’m going to go over the benefits of both making your own art, and of hiring someone (who is better than you) to make it for you.

Making your own art

  1. You have more control over the final outcome. Since you’re the one making it, you know that it will fit your game.
  2. It’s your art. You can reuse it or even show it off in your portfolio.
  3. You get to keep all revenue that you make from your game. Their is no splitting it with your artist.
  4. You will gain experience in making art and your skills will continue to improve with each new game you make.

Hiring an Artist

  1. You will have a choice of artists to choose from, and should end up getting one that has the skill you need.
  2. Professional looking art will help your game’s chances of being sponsored. No sponsor wants to have programmer graphics within a game.
  3. You will have to split revenue, but with the added appeal of having great art, the benefits can outweigh the cost.
  4. The game can be finished sooner. Two people working on one project cuts the production time in half, allowing for more games to be made.

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