Here’s another thing to decide upon when making a game. What is an acceptable frame rate for it? This will depend on a few things. To help you choose the right frame rate, here are some factors to consider.

  1. What frame rate will work well with your code? Do you have objects that need to be updated every frame. If so, how often do you need them to update?
  2. What type of animation style do you use? More frames will mean more animating, but will also mean that the changes between each frame will be more subtle.
  3. Remember that when a gamer plays your game in the browser, the frame rate will be a bit less than what it is on your computer. Make sure your frame rate compensates for this.
  4. Movies use a frame rate of 24, so keep that in mind when choosing your frame rate.
  5. The higher the frame rate, the more CPU intensive the animations will be.
  6. Frame rate is a maximum speed limit of sorts. It keeps more advanced computers within the frame rate.

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