A good file size will usually depend on the type of game you make. Obviously the less it is, the better. But you should try to keep it under about 2 MB. If you can’t do that, make sure it is worth it to have the bigger file size.

When trying to decide, here are some factors to consider:

  • What is making your file size large? Is it the gameplay, or the music?
  • Only use sounds that will add to the experience of your game. Don’t just throw in sounds because you feel like it.
  • Do you need to use bitmaps, or will vectors work just as well?

Here are a few ways to bring down file size:

  1. Compress your music. This should help in bringing the size down a lot. Not all music will sound good compress though, so see what it sounds like and decide for yourself.
  2. Loop you music. Make a short loop that is around 30 seconds long, and just reuse as background music. It will bring down the size tremendously over, say, a two minute loop. The drawback is that players will get bored of your music quicker.
  3. Use vectors over bitmaps. Vectors won’t take up as much file size. Bitmaps work better in code though, so if you need your game to be heavily optimized, you may want to avoid this.
  4. Reuse movieclips.  For example: if you have a background, you can reuse a tree MovieClip on it. Just rotate/flip/resize it so that they all look slightly different. This may not give you the look you want though, so if you find that it’s not working out, just don’t do it.

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