When you’re in the process of making a game, this is a big decision. While both features will make players want to continue playing your game, they are different in the way that they work. Here are some reasons to help you decide which one to choose.


Usually when you use the scoring method, you are giving the gamer a chance to compete for the highest score. This draws upon the players sense of honor and pride. A short game is a good candidate for high scores because the player won’t mind playing it a few times for their shot to be the best. In the end, the high scores are what will keep the player coming back again and again to play your game.

Completing Levels

Using levels within your game gives the player the feeling of accomplishment each time they complete a level. It draws upon the games curiousity to see new levels, and sense of achievement when they finish a level. Usually levels will keep someone playing for longer, but they will probably only end up playing the game once.

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