Maxgames has announced a new flash games contest this month. The contest started on July 1st and is will continue until October 30th. There are numerous ways to win money which include prizes, bonuses and ad revenue.

Their are 10 prizes that you can win, ranging from $10,000 for the grand prize to $250 for 10th place. The bonuses are for: Weekly top five on Newgrounds ($1000), Best of the month ($1000), and Best game in its category ($500). You are also allowed to keep mochiAds or Newgrounds ads within your game. The prizes will be deturmined by a panel of 5 judges.

However, before you go rushing off to enter, remember this is an exclusive deal. This means that you are not guarenteed any money, and you cannot get your game sponsored. You can read more about the rules here. For more details on the contest, you can go here.

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