So you’re making a flash game, and you want to get top dollar for it. However a sponsor sits down to play it and tells you that it’s just not sponsorship material. Wondering why you got rejected? Well, one of these reasons I’m about to tell you could be it.

  1. Your game does not have a mute button: Some people like to listen to their own music when they play your game, so give them the chance to turn yours off.
  2. Your game has the dreaded inter-level ads: Inter-level ads usually look bad and waste the players time.
  3. Your game has a storyline, but no skip button: Honestly, most players want to get right to the game, not listen to someone’s story (although some people will appreciate the story).
  4. Your game is a rip-off of a tutorial’s source files: Come on, can’t you be original.
  5. Your game has no quality settings: Although this is fine for some games, it is not good for an intense game.

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