Sponsorships and licenses, while both are ways to make you money off your game, are fairly different. Make sure you know what each one is before you go out looking to get money from your game. Remember that you can do both sponsorships and licenses to get the most possible out of your hard work.


A sponsorship happens when a game portal pays you money to include their branding within your game. This is the version that will be played all over the internet.

  1. You will make more money.
  2. The sponsor will usually do the work of distributing your game (this is useful if you are using mochiAds within your game.)
  3. It is easy to get your game sponsored.


A license is when you sell a site locked version of your game to a game portal without ads or with their branding. This is a version that will only be on the site you sold it to.

  1. You can sell multiple licenses.
  2. Licenses will not individually make you more money than your sponsorship, but they do add up.
  3. Your game must be pretty good to get licenses.

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