This new contest is being offered by XPOGames. The contest is open to everyone, worldwide. All you have to do is submit your game and get it approved. The contest has over $18,000 in prizes, which are split up into 3 categories.

The first category, with $6,500 for 1rst and game consoles for 2nd or 3rd place is best exclusive game. The second category is best non-exclusive game, which has a $4,500 1rst prize, $1,000 2nd prize and other smaller prizes for up to 10 games. Last is the most uploaded game category. This category is based on how many games you upload up to a certan date. The first date (June 26th) will get you a nintendo Wii. The second date (August 11th) will get you $1500.

More details can be found here. What are you waiting for, go enter the contest and win yourself some money.

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